Giclee, pronounced "jhee-clay", is a sophisticated inkjet printing method. The word "giclee" is derived from the French language
word "le gicleur" meaning "nozzle", or more specifically "gicler" meaning "to squirt, spurt, or spray". It has to do with the fact
that papers are being sprayed on with pigments by nozzles with an approximate diameter of one millionth of the diameter of a hair.


maigoPORTRAITURE offers a variety of media papers for giclee printing. High resolution giclee ink-jet printing is an excellent choice
for photographers wanting to create single or multi-sized reproductions from digital files. The most photorealistic choice is to use our photo gloss or luster papers. However, photographs take on a new personality when printed on watercolor, velvet, textured or canvas media. We offer an extensive inventory of printing substrates. Contact us and we'll recommend a paper for your portrait.

Stippling, is an art form that involves using tiny, closely-placed dots to create an image, or at least as much of an image that dots can make. The dots are of various sizes and spacing apart so that they convey light and shadows to make the eye "see" what it is that the dots are forming. There is, of course, no real image there, just an arrangement of dots. Some artists choose to freehand stipple, while others line-sketch an image on tracing paper and then use the line drawing as a guide for artistically applying dots. Creating the degree of depth is the biggest challenge in this type of work. There are no areas of darker shades in a stippled drawing, as the illusion of shade is made up of varying densities of dots. Stippling art ideas typically include a variety of colors to create optical illusions through use of fine shading techniques. While stippling is the term used to describe the application of fine line dots, "pointillism" is the term used to describe a similar technique done with paint.